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There is no one right way to train a dog. The best way to train a dog depends on a lot of different factors.

My “Phil”osophy

2018 Camp Weed Seminar: Jan 21-27

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2012, Phil Wins Again!

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2017 Camp Weed Seminar Success!

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2017 Seminar

I can give general advice, but chances are, if I don’t understand your situation, it won’t be effective advice. It may even damage your training.

I need to know about:

The dog:

•What is the dog’s temperament?

•What kinds of drive does it have – food drive? play drive?

•What are the drive levels?

•What are the dog’s capabilities?

•What type of trainer are you? •What are you capable of doing? •Do you have any physical limitations?

•What are you comfortable with?

Your training situation:

•How good is your helper? •What is your helper best at? •What kind of tracking conditions are available?

Only once I have the answers to these and other questions, can I think about giving you advice about training your dog!